The Foundation of Goals: Pick One or Achieve None

It is the nature of human beings, performance artists especially, to want to achieve everything at once. We want to get more flexible. We want 20 different types of strength. We want 100 new tricks at once.

The unfortunate fact is that each of these goals take time and focused attention and if we spread our ambitions across multiple goals then we can’t give it the devotion that it needs. So instead, we end up bouncing from goal to goal making no progress and feeling endlessly frustrated.

The truth is that it doesn’t actually take that long to achieve a major goal if you dedicate yourself to it completely. Often it only takes between 12-16 weeks and if that seems like a long time, remember that it will take much longer that if you keep bunny hopping between goals.

This is the reason that the first session anyone has with CirqueFlex doesn’t involve any actual exercise! We spend 30mins asking the question: If you could achieve one thing and one thing only in your training, what is the one skill you would want to achieve?

So if you’re feeling stuck and unsure of where to go next in your training, ask yourself that question and dedicate yourself to the answer!

Comment below to let us know what your goal is!

Not sure what the answer is? Book in for your FREE initial consultation with CirqueFlex today and get your sense of direction back!

Happy Training!

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