Where to Start?

New to CirqueFlex? Book in for a free 30 minute consultation online today! We will discuss your goals and figure out a service bundle that is right for you!

Coaching Program

Enjoy a fully comprehensive ongoing training program including a mixture of private aerial tuition, personal training and group fitness classes

Private Aerial Tuition

Develop your fitness upside down with private aerial tuition! Learn new tricks, build your strength and develop routines on aerial hoop or silks

Personal Training

Become consistent in your strength and conditioning by completing regular sessions designed to achieve your goals and progress your athletic pursuits

Group Fitness Classes

A cheap way to keep fit and engaged with your training! Join us for small group classes including flexibility, core, HIIT and Pilates

Remedial Massage

A mixture of manual therapy and exercise prescription to address your pre/rehabilitation needs and help you achieve your peak performance

Tutoring / Mentoring

Learn about the theoretical and practical components of anatomy, physiology, training methods and specialist aspects of training such as flexibility, Pilates and aerial coaching