Personalised Programs

Get a program designed specifically to achieve your goals! This isn’t your average 6- or 12-week program. It won’t be cookie cutter. You won’t have to repeat the same exercises week after week, month after month. This program is designed just for you. It will take you in stages all the way to your desired result whether it takes you one month or one year. Your program will take you through all of the benchmarks, exercises, key technique points and all of the things that could go wrong so you can take your training at your own pace.

Programs include:

  • A PDF file containing the details of each stage of your program including a description of how to implement the new program into your current training regime and when you are ready to progress to each stage.
  • Access to a range of video content demonstrating correct technique for each exercise in your program.
  • Access to the CirqueFlex student group on Facebook.
  • Continuous email and messenger access to Ashleigh in order to get all of your questions or concerns answered.

Includes 2 x 30-minute video calls:

  • The first one aims to establish your goals, assess your current position in relation to your goals, determine past training experience, current training demands and consider any injuries or issues you may have.
  • The second will occur 2 weeks later to go through each exercise in order to assess technique and answer any questions you may have.

If you want to take your program a step forward you can also book in for monthly check ins via a 30-minute video call to check in with your progress and make ongoing adjustments to your program in order to address any issues that arise and keep you on track.

Book in for your program development sessions today!